Today I was delighted to see our Open Session filled to the rafters with keen-bean beginners. We had a great mix of “Beginners Squad”, the new-but-regulars and also some fresh faces.

What I noticed today was what big leaps skaters take forwards when they move from recreational skates to dance skates. Last week we had one young lady pass two grades in one week in her first week on dance skates. Today her Mum asked me if we had any available for her little sister and I was lucky enough to have the right size for sale. And it happened again, this little skater made great strides and passed her grade.

So if you’re reading this and are a parent of a skater or would-be skater, I urge you to consider investing in a good pair of second-hand dance skates. We often have them for sale at the club, and if we don’t we know of a good monthly rental scheme. Young skaters make instant and accelerated progress, show more commitment and don’t suffer the frustration when skates ‘won’t do as they’re told’. And dance skates keep their value pretty well, too (provided they are looked after!)

Tia- Beginners’ Coach