Moonrakers are celebrating 25 years of skating as a club, and as part of our celebrations we have chosen to introduce annual awards. The following awards were presented at our Club Competition yesterday:

Most Points
This award is presented to the skater that has achieved the most overall competitive success in 2019, with points awarded for medals and bonuses for competing at Championships and internationally. The winner for 2019 was Chantal, who finished 3rd at Championships and skated Youth Ladies at Hettange, along with many other medal wins. Congratulations to Chantal and the other nominees – Lorna, Bill and Jessica.

Most Improved
This award is presented to the skater that made the biggest overall improvement over the course of 2019. The winner for 2019 was Lily L, who has grown from a new beginner into a very strong newcomer with huge ability and potential. Congratulations to Lily and the other nominees – Addie, Bill and Karen.

Most Dedicated
This award is presented to the skater that role models dedication and a great attitude. They show up, work hard, take coaching well and show a drive to improve. The winner for 2019 was Addie, whose progress this year is all down to a good attitude, desire to improve and consistent focus on getting there. Congratulations to Addie and the other nominees – Jessica, Chantal and Ellen.

Coaches’ Choice
This award is presented by the coaches to a skater that has stood out to them during the year. The winner for 2019 was Isabella, who has stretched herself this year and shown herself capable, learning harder dances and skills quickly. Congratulations to Isabella and the other nominees – Bill, Grace and Daisy.

Skaters’ Choice
The award was chosen by all of the club skaters, voting for their favourite. The winner for 2019 was Daisy for “being funny and nice”, “super flexible”, “loved her free dance” and “has improved a lot”. Congratulations to Daisy and the other nominees – Chantal, Clementine and Orla.

“Oops!” of the Year
This award is presented to the skate whose mishap will go down in club history! The winner for 2019 was Becca, who picked a great time for a stumble – her first international competition! Congratulations to Becca and the other nominees – Chantal, Kerry and Emily.

Congratulations to those shortlisted and particularly our winners – but also to every one of our skaters. The whole club had an exceptional year in 2019 and we all should be incredibly proud!